How to eat: a cream tea

Devon! Cornwall! Britain’s baking partisans! The time has come to take up arms (teaspoon, butter knife), in order to defend one of these islands’ most sacred rites, the cream tea. Yes, How to Eat – the Word of Mouth blog dictatorially defining the best way to eat the nation’s favourite dishes – is, this month, considering best clotted cream, the correct jam and the vapid nostalgia of vintage crockery. Given that we can’t even agree on how to pronounce its main component (it is scone-rhymes-with-cone, of course), this one could go the distance. No sleep ’til Truro.


Historically, this Scottish interloper played no part in the cream tea. Devonians claim they were eating cream and jam with bread back in the 11th century, while the Cornish traditionally ate theirs on a “split”. However, militantly harking back to either is as pointless as trying to un-invent electricity. The scone (or, if you want to get all Hyacinth Bucket about it, skon), is where we’re at. Deal with it. Unless someone tries to serve you one full of currants, sultanas or even, God forbid, glace cherries. In which case, feel free to unleash the hounds of fury*. A cream tea scone should be plain – not even glazed, much less dusted with icing sugar.

* If you are British, unleashing the hounds of fury will involve a considerable amount of sighing, muttering and then, at the till, when asked how everything was, a cheery: “Oh, it was lovely, thank you.” That is how we roll … awkwardly.

Squid Ink Linguini with Shrimp and Cherry Tomatoes

Squid Ink Linguini with Shrimp and Cherry Tomatoes – Don’t you want to just dive right in? I’m overly obsessed with this dish – Those colors, that briny flavor, the little bit of spice. Obsession – Cue the Animotion lyrics.

Best part of this dish – It takes under 30 minutes!

I have been able to find squid ink pasta recipe in some of the local Portland specialty stores. However, if you’re having a difficult time finding it where you are, you can always substitute plain linguini, or order it online! Speaking of online, besides this pasta, I found another new fascination this week – Amazon Prime Now… Every morning I wake up around 6:15 am and lay around in bed for a half hour watching the news and catching up on Instagram. When I heard the announcement this morning that Amazon local delivery had reached Portland – I downloaded the app right then and thought about ordering some cupcakes from Cupcake Jones for delivery – Just ‘cuz I could.

It’s only in select areas at this point, including NYC, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Manhattan, Miami, Seattle & Portland. But – It’s awesome. If you’re a Prime member, delivery is free, and it happens in an hour or so. Meaning that I can order food from the Asian market without having to drive all the way across town – Score!

Breadsticks with Homemade Pizza Sauce and Homemade Ranch Recipe

I think it was last year that I rekindled my love for breadsticks. I remember being a huge fan of crazy bread (breadsticks from Little Caesars) when I was little, but ever since I moved out and became a person who paid for pizza instead of just eating what my mom ordered, I’d skip ordering breadsticks, because I mistakenly thought pizza over breadsticks.

But then, Mike and I made a stop in Eugene on a Pacific Northwest road trip and decided to order pizza to our hotel room from Sizzle Pie. As we were perusing the menu, the breadsticks caught my eye and I must’ve said something about how breadsticks sounded perfect, even though we never order breadsticks. And even though I said we shouldn’t because carbs with a side of carbs is how one becomes as fluffy as a regular crust pizza, Mike ordered them anyway. Good call Mike, good call, because they were DELICIOUS.

They came with your choice of dipping sauces and we got the standard house red sauce and ranch. Breadsticks and ranch are a match made in heaven – crispy hot doughy pizza dough dipped in creamy ranch…so good! We still don’t order breadstick cheese dip recipe here at home (but always do when we’re near Sizzle Pie) but sometimes if I have some no-knead pizza dough hanging out in the fridge, I’ll make some cheesy sticks. If we’re feeling really extra, I’ll make some homemade pizza sauce and ranch for dipping.